Laptop Stolen In Asia

Over on ClinicNerds HIPAA Breach Case Studies, just published a new case study about a doctor whose laptop was stolen while lecturing in Asia.  Though some precautions were taken, the laptop had unencrypted patient data going all the way back to 1988.  The laptop was stolen in South Korea, but the US Government, HHS, levied a multi-million dollar HIPAA fine.  Link: Unencrypted Laptop stolen while lecturing in Asia

Crushing Kim with HIPAA

Over at the ClinicNerds blog, I’m writing a series of articles about how the terrible explanations of HIPAA are creating a nightmare for small clinics.  Just put up the fourth article in the series about Simplifying Protected Health Information (PHI).   I believe that we need to have a conversation about ways to simplify HIPAA explanations.